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September 11, 2019 Furnitures

DIY Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid century coffee table – This is my favorite! It features slender look with smooth finishes and clean lines at high quality. Different designs are plenty. For some time now I’ve been swooning over all the delightful mid century furniture that is been appearing everywhere. Shockingly it’s all really pricey. What’s more we all recognize what I do when I would prefer not to pay for something.

mid century coffee table style is so clean and basic which made this coffee table super simple to make. I mean you truly can’t get any less demanding then this!

STEP 1: Start by sanding the majority of your wood pieces.

STEP 2: Using one of your froth brushes, stain all the wood pieces (We did 2 covers on the board and one and only cover on the legs)

STEP 3: Once your stain is totally dry, utilize your other froth brush to cover the pieces with polyurethane. When dry include an alternate cover.

STEP 4: Set the board on a level surface with the base confronting up. Measure in 6″ from the end and 2.5″ from the side. This is the place the center of the section will be situated. Do this 3 more times on each one corner. At that point screw on each one section.

STEP 5: Screw on all the legs and turn the table over.

STEP 6: Sit on your love seat and prop your feet up on your new mid century coffee table.

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