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DIY Cutting Rock Steps Landscaping

October 8, 2019 Landscape Steps

DIY Landscape Stepping Stones

Squeeze a space 4 to 5 inches deep through which you create your path or patio. A spade is a prefer tool for this sort of graves.

Use a line level or 4-foot level to make sure that your patio or go have a character or collapse so that any water falling on pavement will drain away from your home for landscape stepping stones area. Insert steel edge around the dugout area an inch below your 4 or 5-inch depth. Hammer in the corresponding steel inserts that will keep edge and masonry sand in place. Add masonry sand in the steel rim and compress it into a base of at least 3 inches.

And then add the tile piece by piece to set the stones close together in the joints for superior stability and less maintenance to construct landscape stepping stones. Add masonry sand the tile surface and sweep it into the joints by means of the push broom. Let the sand settle in the cracks and repeat three or four times until the sand no longer disappears among the rocks. Maintain the road or terrace by sweeping more masonry sand into the joints every three or four years.

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