Different Chimney Rock Fire at Home

You can also use the hollow as a place of storage using some nice baskets, one large or several different sizes, playing with the materials and serving as a magazine, for example. You can also put some kind of plant in or put them directly with your pot and create a composition of several. The books are another resource to decorate the space; Distribute them as you like, ordered or in a studied decontrol.

Needless to say, thechimney rock fire is the focal point around which the whole room revolves, it is hard to ignore its presence, and hence it becomes part of the interior as a key element having to take all the party that we can. One of the most aided resources is your logs. It is the most closely related to the fireplace and you can arrange them in different ways as you like. They can go loose, aligned, standing tied, etc..

Chimney rock fire – The chimneys of work, those that already come”of series” with the house, as it would say, already are few in the buildings of new construction but still, they exist. And in cities, on large, stately floors, from another era. In any case, consider yourself lucky if you have one in your living room or, who knows, maybe you have it in the bedroom or in the office.

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