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Design of Flannel Blanket For Baby

Flannel Blanket  – To make flannel blanket for baby we need an iron washed flannel. We must measure the flannel quilting rule consistently cut squares of sizes, 7 inches with the rotary cutter. This represents a ½ inch margin on the sides of the squares of flannel. For a baby blanket 30 by 30 inches, you will need 25 sections of flannel material layers to complete the project. Then cut into squares 6 inches, small enough to materials sandwiched between layers of flannel catch on seam hitting. Make sandwiches with flannel material layers and batting. Place a square right down flannel, place a piece of wadding on top flannel and place a second piece of material law flannel side up. Repeat until you have created 25 places layers.

Light the layers firmly flannel blanket material, so that no displacement occurs. And flannel Quilt each sandwich, if you wish. Make an “X” from corner to corner or another appropriate space in the quilt. Then organize your flannel layer blocks until they are visually appealing. Place the machine straight stitch sewing. The next is start by joining the squares of flannel material layers, to within ½ inch. Follow the pattern that you created in step eight. Join five seats, end to end to create a long row, matching every corner carefully. This will leave you with five long rows.

Sew five rows with a seam ½ inch, making sure to get all layers and no holes are present in the baby flannel blanket. Sew a ½-inch seam around the outside edge of the flannel baby blanket. Lass, clip the exposed seam margin using strong sewing scissors. Clip until just above the sewing line, placing cuts about every inch, but leaving intact the seam. All exposed seams clip, including the outer edge.

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