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September 13, 2019 Bunk Bed

Decorate Room with Boy Bunk Beds

Put boy bunk beds in rooms of the boy’s give them space to play and provides place for sleeping friends. The bunk beds also serve to save space if you have two kids sharing a room. Decorate the room so that minimizes the giant bunk, unless it is a type with a center built toy, like a slide. Consider the room size, the age of the child and the activities carried out in the environment before you start planning the decor. appealing way that maximizes space in the room. Avoid covering the window with the bed because it blocks natural light and causes a dark appearance and uninviting in the room. Place a dresser or shelf on the short end of the boy bunk beds, if not the place that the ladder is located. Has TV in the room, hang it on the opposite corner or place it on the dresser or shelf. Each berth shall have a clear view of the TV.

Hang light, pictures, shelves or graphics on the walls directly above each bed. Two boys share the room; it will identify the scope of each. The light practices are for boys who like to read in bed and the shelves can hold books or small treasures. Hang pictures, posters and arts of his son in the walls, unless they already have wall or graphics. An alternative is to hang shelves on the walls to display collections or decorations that match the theme. For example, rooms with sports themes may have helmets, balls and trophies and environments with space themes can have models of spacecraft and the solar system. Add the finishing touches, such as bedding, curtains and carpet, which complement the theme or color scheme. Use the space below the boy bunk beds for the storage boxes on wheels. This will give extra space for storing toys that he often uses or clothes out of season.

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