Dark Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Are you thinking of using dark kitchen cabinets? You might be looking for a different atmosphere when planning to remodel your kitchen. Neutral colors can be found in a lot of kitchen, so why don’t we bring unusual idea such as dark colored cabinets? I’m sure a lot of people think like that but in the end they’re using a common color scheme because they afraid to make the kitchen feel like a cave. No one wants this to happen.

You should know that dark kitchen cabinets actually is a way to create an elegant, classy, and sophisticated look to your kitchen. Black, for instance, is the most bold color choice as well as dramatic. I recommend using black kitchen cabinets with high gloss finish because they are still able to reflect the light from the lighting fixtures and windows. It is a clever solution for those who have a smaller space. Be sure to get enough lighting sources so that your kitchen look more spacious. Installing dark kitchen cabinets means you have the opportunity to make other elements steal the show. Metal tile backsplash, fancy lighting fixture, sleek white countertop, bronze finished handles, and stainless steel appliances can stand out and shine as it should.

Grey is another dark kitchen cabinets color that offers a sleek and clean look. Choose a color that is not too dark and not too bright if you’re not ready to go bold. They are perfect to present clean lines to the space and also sedate feeling to anyone who sees it. You can also combine two dark hues to enrich color in your kitchen. Dark grey cabinets with brown center island or moss green drawers with greyish-green wall cabinets are some of the great examples. Combining dark and light color in the kitchen is also a good idea to create an interesting appeal to your home. If you have ideas regarding dark kitchen cabinets, please share on the comments section below.

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