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August 27, 2019 Other Pillow

Culture Using Hammock Pillow

Hammock pillow – Care to sleep in hammock, most people usually take a bad position to sleep in a hammock, make straight when the right thing is to lie horizontally, “crossed” in the hammock, explained Laura Esther Pacheco Loría and Juan Diego Fernandez Cetina, Rehabilitation graduates. The way sleeping in hammock makes the back will take the curvature of that, so that the position of the column is changing and is what causes the pain, especially when sleeping in a hammock since childhood.

Upon reaching adulthood they are presented health problems in that regard. Ideally, a position that allows the back muscles to maintain good alignment and is in a state of relaxation. This position is best to sleep in a hammock and you can add hammock pillow, while it may cause some discomfort, because the column will adapt again to the natural form that should take. After a while improved feel to sleep in this position, and thus manages to avoid damage to the back.

The other way, the body is elongated or stretched and will damage the column. One of the worst mistakes that can be committed to sleep in a hammock is to use a pillow because hammock pillow, which further worsens the position and cause more severe damage to the column. Respondents admit that it is difficult for people to get used to sleeping traversed in the hammock when, as children, were asleep in the wrong way, but worth a try, and above all create a culture among the population to become accustomed to bed Babies crossed, if opting for the hammock.

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