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Creative Meditation Pillow

Meditation Pillow – You can making a creative  meditation pillow, the steps are: Figure out what size meditation pillow you’ll need. You will have to consider where you will do your meditation. If you are in the grass, you will not need such a thick pillow. If you do most of your meditation on a hard floor, then thicker and more comfortable pillow is recommended. Write what you believe will measurements pillow big enough for you and add about 1.5 inches on all sides to allow the seams.

Then gather your supplies. You should be able to find buckwheat hulls inside the pillow in a store that sells crafts, meditation or yoga product supply. You can also order online if you can not find locally. You should be able to find your fabric in the craft store or local fabric store. Be sure to choose a fabric that is easily maintained and cleaned. Cut the two liner panels for your pillow for their actions. Place both panels right sides together and pin together. Sew a seam around three sides. In the last side seam only half of the seam closed so you have space to fill meditation pillow with buckwheat hulls.

Next turn the pillow right side out. You should end up with a square which was stitched together with a seam left partially open. Pillow filled with buckwheat hulls amount you want to sit. This is a personal preference, and you are doing the pillow for use of meditation and the only comfort. And fold the seam open inward, once the pillow is filled, and pin together. The use of the sewing machine, sewing the last part of the seam together, closing. You now have your own meditation pillow, handmade by you. This is a simple steps, isn’t it?

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