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September 7, 2019 Furnitures

Counter Height Bench for Bar Width and Height

When you buy chairs for your home you should consider the style, comfort and most importantly, the counter height bench. The stools bar is higher than the counter.

Average height of the counters

The common kitchen counter height bench is about 35-37 inches (90-95 cm) high, requiring a stool approximately 23-28 inches (60-70 cm) from the floor to the seat. This is a stool height counter.

Average height of a bar

A stool bar is too high to be used in conjunction with a kitchen counter. You cannot put your knees underneath. If you have a bar in your home, which usually measures 40 to 42 inches (1 to 1.10 m) high, you need to pair it with a bar chair between 29 and 32 inches (74 to 81 cm) tall. Such chairs are known as stools bar height.


If you have questions about how many stools you can align your kitchen counter height bench, the standard rule dictates that you need 26-30 inches (66-76 cm) of space between the centers of each seat. If you get stools swivel or have arms, you’ll need more space to stop people uncomfortable.


The stools with padded or metal or wood seats. Some consumers prefer leather seats, while others opt for upholstered seats. The chairs can be supported or not. Some stools rotate and others are fixed.

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