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September 21, 2019 Garage

Control Your Broken Garage Door Springs

What do we need to know for a correct replacement of the garage door spring? Whenever you come to us, we will ask for a series of data, essential, if you do not have that data it will be very difficult to manufacture, not impossible but, very difficult. The garage doors of leading brands have a sheet or plate attached at some point of the door, where it tells us, the manufacturer.

The year of manufacture and the installer that made the installation. And in the most modern has the number of laps you need that new garage door springs for proper operation. The distance of the lintel, the lintel is the gap between the last panel. Where the engine rod is hook if it is automatic to the upper fence or the anchorage center of the spring.

The diameter of the thread, this has to be measured with a gauge. This gives the exact measurement of the thread that carries our garage door springs. It is not necessary to measure the pier, it will be broken and unstressed. And so this pier does not serve as a measure to get an idea. Check our gallery to inspire you! See you soon.

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