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College Dorm Bedding Sets

The dorm room is your first home away from home. For many college students, this is the perfect time to get rid of bedding her parents chose for her bedroom at home and choosing a bed that represents your style and taste time- College Dorm Bedding Sets

Consider the size of the bed. Most college dorms to accommodate taller people. If you do, make sure your long twin bedding adapts. If your bed can be in an elevator, you may want to choose a comforter that is wider than a twin so you can hang down and cover storage containers you want to hide under your bed.

Talk to your roommate. The most college dorm bedding sets striking piece of furniture in your bedroom is typically the bed, and you do not want to conflict with his roommate. Talk to your style with your roommate before you buy your bedding. You can buy matching bedding if both agree on this, or can focus on choosing clothing that complements her roommate. Choose a theme that you both enjoy, even if you cannot agree with his roommate in style

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