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September 8, 2019 Furnitures

Coffee Table and Sofa Table with Storage

Complete your living room with exquisite piece of sofa table with storage! Beautiful and functional designs are yours to decide. They are many on the market. Typically, coffee tables below are on a drawer or shelf to store magazines or knobs. We can also find other useful models harboring inside, according to size, two to four puffs. But we are trying, as always, is to optimize the space as possible, so we’ll loop the loop and find those that meet the three functions: a coffee table and sofa table with storage.

Sofa table with storage have two storage spaces with sliding doors and two seats in white puffs. It measures 130 × 70 × 45.5 cm. and costs 149 Euros in Unique Selling a French company selling furniture online really very interesting prices. This other model is called Esprit and is very similar, except that here the storage space has been resolved with a drawer. It measures 118 × 64 × 46 and costs 149 Euros.

If you tend to have many visitors, this is your sofa table with storage, called Hula Hoop and includes a shelf on which six puffs are embedded. The top is 12mm tempered glass. And the rest is covered in faux leather in chocolate. More classic environments will come in handy this square teak table with three stools and two shelves.

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