Cleaning Backyard Fire Chimney

Have your backyard fire chimney inspected and professionally cleaned. Cleaning a chimney is important to do regularly. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, the material from smoke deposit on the inside of the chimney and ignite. Even when the chimney flow is limited, carbon monoxide can build up to harmful levels in a house. Accumulation of materials can also make it difficult for Santa to find his way down the chimney at Christmas, making a clean chimney of particular importance.

Backyard fire chimney – Cleaning a chimney in preparation is crucial to ensure Santa’s safe arrival at home on Christmas Eve. Sweeping Santa requires a few added steps as well as routine cleaning. These steps will make the chimney short expandable and leave Santa outfit tremendously clean (so he cannot trace the soot on the carpet). Although these steps require a little”magic”, they can easily be done by a layman.


Clean the ash and pieces of unburned wood from the floor of the fireplace. Do this by pouring the ashes out with a small shovel and place them in an ash bucket. Only dispose of cooled ashes. Create colorful flames. To do this, treat cones, sawdust or smallish logs, so they will burn off vibrant. Find a dye source. Fill a bucket with water and stir in the dye until it can no longer be solved. Soak the cones in the dye for 24 hours, and then let it dry completely. When they are dry, simply place a number on a fire and watch the colored flames; they create the magic smoke is crucial to clean the backyard fire chimneyproperly.

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