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January 11, 2020 Kitchen Design Ideas

Classy Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets

Free standing kitchen cabinets form at the pre-World War II, when all items in the kitchen are free and movable, except the sink. At that time, the sink fixed in place since the plumbing attach it to the house. Then continuous metal kitchen cabinets began to appear during the 1940s. Then those wraparound cabinets complete with their seamless counters were found everywhere at the post world war II. If you have base cabinets that have legs, but they are completely elevated from the floor, except their legs, they are called free standing kitchen cabinets. What is the difference between the free standing cabinets with conventional base cabinets? The different is they do not have a toekick and required to be attached to the back of the wall.

The free standing kitchen cabinets have some advantages and also disadvantages. One, they have classic look. The freestanding cabinets are chosen by most people since they want to have a traditional style of the cabinets. Two, without the toekick, it is easier for the homeowner to clean the floor under the cabinets. You are allowed to mop pass the underneath. Three, the free standing kitchen cabinets is flexible so you can back them up to a wall or even place them in the center of the kitchen. They are also movable. You can put them wherever you want. So, you will not get bored since your kitchen can be different on each day. However, the free standing kitchen cabinets are more expensive that the conventional.

It is easy for you to install the free standing kitchen cabinets. Read all of the manual book or search some information that will tell you about the installation process, then install the kitchen cabinets by yourself. To have a classy and simple kitchen, it is better for you to choose free standing kitchen cabinets.

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