Chimney Flue Liner Cleaning

If the chimney flue liner is square, then simply to lower the brush and pull to clean the flue liner. In terms of round liners, twist, whereas the brushes lowers it down the chimney, then yank it out. Repeat the process till you find the chimney appears clean and then put the lid back on. Wash out the soot which might have dropped during the cleaning procedure. Use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate dirt and dirt that may be in the base of the flue liner. Close to the flue door once finished.

You want a fantastic brush to clean out the flue. It has to have size and a long handle. But most are 4, 6, 8 or 10 inches. Up on the roof and also get access into the chimney liner. You see what’s called a flue screen. Use a brush, clean the screen and get the large brush to wash out the rest of the chimney flue liner. It’s not safe to do that task while staying on the ladder.

Chimney flue liner – Chimney care is very important. Clean any debris, soot and other unpleasant substances accumulated flue keep you home safe from fire hazards and other problems. Hiring a professional to clean out the chimney is effective. Makes the task is not that heller. It is going to also save you some money. So, if you can do this, then why must do with other people?

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