Chimney Flashing Kit Install

It’s necessary to properly install flickers whenever you’re adding a fireplace or fresh ceilings, or only whenever you’re attempting to eliminate leaks. Flashing the chimney should redo any time you notice that the metal is oxidized through or is covered in pitch for roof. Flashing installation you can save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run, but requires several skills with measures and tools. You also need to be comfortable working on a sloped roof.

Establish a ladder, roof supports, and security exploit before beginning. Measure the fireplace with a tape measure to be certain that your chimney flashing kit prevent and seat are the right size. Remove the older flashing from around the fireplace. Scrape up to cement out of this area as possible, with a chisel and lever. This material will adhere to the surface of the roof timber and seal around your claws. Lay the strips so they float approximately 4 inches over the chimney. Any adjoining strips are overlapped to ensure that water is going to be thrown out of the surface.

Install 36-inch wide bits of water and ice barrier tape along the length of the fireplace at the back. Allow approximately 8 inches of strip to run into the fireplace. Install the irregular base on the front of this fireplace. Place the flicker so the borders upward the chimney flashing kit and are throughout the shingles which encircle it. Fasten roof flashing by hammering claws.

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