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December 25, 2019 Chimney Covers

Chimney Cover Plate Design

Be sure to insert the dimensions to the edge of each hole from the four sides chimney cover plate of the chase, so that the holes can be placed properly. If you want a centralized hole, no additional dimensions are required. High collar: standard collar is 2 “to 3”. For a square or rectangular hole that will have a layer of clay throws protruding from it, you may want to keep the collar high on 1″or do not choose a collar. This will make sealing around the hole easier.

A chimney cover plate is similar to a shoebox. It cannot have a hole in one hole or a few holes, and fit your chimney or certain clarity. In measuring the length and width of chimney cover plate this is also be sure to measure all four sides. Just because one side looks the same length as the other does not mean, the mortar joints between the bricks may be slightly different in size, causing an uneven side. Measure both sides long and uses the longest measurements for length.

Chimney Cover Plate– Chase cover is used at the top of the chimney to prevent rain, snow, creatures, and anything else. Cover Chase covers all the top of your chimney. Fit above the chimney like a shoebox cover fit at the top of the shoe box.

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