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Cheval Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Cheval Mirror Jewelry Armoire – A few days ago we received a query from a reader who is decorating his bedroom. He told us that are a very small room and walking short siege, but what they do not want to miss is a mirror standing with charm, ideally romantic style, and a corner to save all the accessories that are “multitude”. We started to search and find the solution quickly. In our reading we advise you to look for a full-length mirror that was also a “corner” to be organized and in order that all those little things we keep in the bedroom, as this mirror is a mirror.

Se standing wood You cheval mirror jewelry armoire can open and whose interior is prepared with small shelves, some perforated, to keep an orderly necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves or any other structure complemento.Con same mirror jewelry, we find this model with foot rotary and supported on a bar with several shelves, very useful to store scarves and other accessories. Some even carry key as the old closets so that nobody can search our small oval mirror Tesoro’s.

Este charming as we thought design. Cheval mirror jewelry armoire A wide frame, made with an oval trim. A very special element, perfect for storing watches, perfumes, rings, jars nail polish  and with three drawers at the bottom., Although the reader specified we wanted a floor model, we have not been able to resist to teach the same mirror, but in this case wall, if you who are reading this post alone have less room than her. Via: Hay needle, Deco House, Bianchi furniture, Conformal, basketry, Decovila.

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