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September 13, 2019 Furnitures

Changing the Seat on a Directors Chair

It can surely add a prestige with directors chair when seating even in your home own home office. Different designs are available and optional on your taste. The fabric of a director’s chair probably is spent before the frame. If that happens, a spare battery can be placed in place of the defective or broken parts, using the two wooden struts of the chair seat.

Instructions of seat a director’s chair

  1. Pull the two uprights of the chair at the same time until the entire backing fabric slack.
  2. Pull the old seat back up and toward you. When you remove the back the two poles structure out until point downward, supported by a pair of hinges.
  3. Stand in front of or behind the chair. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make a new piece with the same measures.
  4. Clean the old track so that there are no scraps of fabric on the inside.
  5. Buy a new piece of fabric to match the old piece of canvas. Go back to the store where you originally purchased the chair and get another piece.
  6. Slide the new part of the seat into the slot at the base of the structure of the director’s chair. Check that the slide cloth to the end of the slot.
  7. Again the uprights at the vertical position and then pull them toward each until the piece of fabric from slipping back on them.

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