Ceramic Chimney Fire Pit Starter


Ceramic chimney fire pit is a device used to light charcoal without the use of lighting fluid or other toxic chemicals. There is normally a stainless steel cylinder. If you are concerned about toxic fumes when grilling, you can start your charcoal fire with a ceramic chimney fire pit.

Turn chimney up and down; take a few newspaper sheets and form two monks around the bottom of the ceramic chimney fire pit. Arrange the newspaper in a circle so there is a hole in the middle. Hot air rises through the center and lights the coals faster. Fill the chimney with carbon after it right side up. If you are concerned about toxic derivative, start looking for 100 percent natural carbon that Wicked Good or The Original Charcoal corporate brand. Ignition magazine in many places with a match. As the warm air rises, the flame will be a fiery furnace and burn all the coal. Wait approximately 15 to 20 minutes for all the coal to light. There ought to be some gray ash on the surface. Transfer carbon to the grill. Either pour the coals in your grill (wear heat-resistant gloves) or use tongs to transfer them. Remove the grate from the grill first. Put the grate back on the grill and close the lid. Let the grill enough time to warm up before you start cooking.

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