Build Solid Wood Bunk Beds

Solid Wood Bunk Beds Design

Solid wood bunk beds – Bunk beds provide sleeping colon, whereas only the use of the area of a regular size double mattress. Wooden bunk beds are often used in children’s rooms, and bedrooms. Its main function is to support two single mattresses and two. They are simple in design, and when built with standard lumber, which are durable and reasonably cheap. A litter of wood can be built in less than two hours.

Build solid wood bunk beds, Place two 80-inch boards on edge, parallel, and 27 inches apart. Place six boards 27 inches apart so they are perpendicular to the plates 80 inches, and spaced 12 inches on center.  Place a 72-inch board in each corner, so it stands upright and perpendicular to the frames position. Lift the top of the frame, so it is 20 inches from the top of the plates 72 inches. Use four screws on each corner to screw through the frame and 72-inch boards to ensure the top bunk. Lift the bottom frame of up to 8 inches and screw the legs to secure the bottom bunk.

Sand all bunk with sandpaper of medium and fine grade. Clean the litter down with a tack cloth and apply wood stain. Once the wood stain has dried, you can set your solid wood bunk beds.

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