Best Mid Century Modern Lighting

Mid Century Modern Furniture

Are you looking for mid century modern lighting reference? Mid century modern is a unique lighting style and preferred by people who like modern design. Lighting is a very important thing when you are planning to build a new home or replacing your home atmosphere. As well as the wall paint and furnitures that you choose, lighting can support the room theme and the atmosphere you want to create. In addition to illuminate the space, a lamp also serves as one of the decorative elements of the room. Right now, I will give you some references of mid century modern style lighting that you can choose.

Mid century modern lighting is a lighting style from the 1950’s – 1970’s, which marked by the end of the world war. So, the design is full of fun and hope for the future. It represented by the optimistic bright colors. Mid century was also a time where space travel occured for the first time, so there are lots of space-age feel and rocket-ship silhouettes in the lighting design. Starlight perforations, geometric shapes, and simple but elegant lines are a few things that define the mid century modern style.

Aluminium ceiling fan with optional light is one of the popular product because it can perform double duty, well, maybe triple. As a light source, an element that can beautify the room, and also create a cool and comfortable space. Bubble lampshade is also a mid century modern lighting that adorn many modern homes. Typically, you can find this mushroom’s cap-like lampshade in table lamps or floor lamps category. You can choose hourglass (with pinholes) pendant, chandelier, or wall sconce to get the mid century feeling in any room on your house. Rings around a lamp’s light source, UFO-like ceiling light, six-bulb chandelier in long vertical tubes, and a candelier with two or three tier atomic lamp shade are also several adorable mid century modern lighting products. What do you think? If you have favorites, share with us!

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