Pipe In Clay Chimney Flue

The Clay Chimney Flue

September 7, 2019 Chimney Flue

Best Chimney Flue Extension Kit

The pain shooting pain that the chimney was built to be enlarged upward when heated then contracts back when it cools. This effect can be more damaging to the structural integrity of your chimney. As if this was not enough, a surprise attack came from other parts of nature. Chimney is the natural habitat of birds. We have seen the devastating effects of bird droppings held on the safety of a chimney cover. Although we are not trying to address all these issues here, you will know the basic ways to implement the chimney flue extension.

Chimney Flue Extension -How to use sustainable softness in a chimney is one of the most difficult to get to is one of the most vulnerable places on your historic home. A beautiful house often has a small growing tree of chimney. First let us consider some of the attacks that must be borne by the chimney. The most obvious is extreme exposure to all forms of moisture: rain, snow, dew and frost.

Constantly fluctuating temperature throughout the year, from winter night to hot summer days adds more attacks in the chimney. The resulting pressure has an effect like putting endless glasses in a hot oven. The growing phenomenon of this decade has a devastating effect on some. In addition to this, chimney flue extension is great choice for your home.


If smoke gets a inclination to accumulate as part of your household if utilizing the fireplace, then it may signify your furnace flue has to be long to generate a improved draft of atmosphere. The chimney flue is your available rotating shaft which runs out of the fire-box through the chimney, so generating the passing to your own flame . The flue need to stretch three or more ft over the roof.If it doesn’t, follow these steps to extend it.

Remove Old Chimney Crown
Attach the Flue Liner Extension
Build up the Brick Around the New Liner

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