Awesome Modern Landscape Plants

Commonly known as”wine cactus,” ocotillos flowering desert plants which grow tall perpendicular branches which appear”thorny” like most cacti.  Certainly Southwest in its physical look, ocotillo mostly employed in landscape design in the arid northeast areas, where it drops.  This perennial plant was utilized by a few landscape designers to produce a natural fence.

Ornamental grasses have been part of modern landscape plants trends and are a subject of landscape designing portfolios from the nation.  There are lots of varieties of ornamental grasses, all which varies with all the color, feel, and also the form of the mold, they develop.  Relatively easy to keep, ornamental grasses need little pruning and watering after the plant has increased to its recognized form.  These Breezy plants may flourish in many lakes and in both hot and cool seasons.

Readily known for its cylindrical leaves and stem, bamboo is an expansion of this Asian-inspired fad seen recently in the landscape design and structure.  Much like Ocotillo is quickly growing pine plant used in modern landscape plants design to function as a natural wall. 


Ornamental Grasses

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