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February 17, 2020 Garage Floor Paint

Applying Glidden Garage Floor Paint

You simply need to shed a few drops of water on the floor, if you see that the floor absorbs water and becomes dark, it means that it is porous and there’s no problem to apply the glidden garage floor paint. If on the other hand, you notice that the water droplets are not absorbed, it means that there may be some sealer, paint or similar present, and in that case, you can’t proceed with the application. Another very important aspect to consider is the weather.

Glidden 2 step epoxy paints,

Glidden Garage Floor Paint – As part of the project of organizing the garage, after completing the installation of the thermal insulation and finishing the walls and ceiling, the next step was the application of an epoxy floor paint. As you have probably heard or read before, floor preparation is paramount for the application of epoxy paints. The first one is very simple to do.

If it is very cold, the epoxy glidden garage floor paint will take a long time to cure. If it is very hot, it will dry out too quickly, even before you finish applying it, take this into account before starting work.

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