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September 22, 2019 Basement

Appealing Basement Window Covers

Basement window covers can improve a room in several ways. They have the effect of making small spaces appear bigger and leaving the light. These two traits are especially important in a basement. Windows are also an important part of interior design. How they are covered can greatly affect the appearance of a room. Use the creative window ideas that cover everything to make your basement windows pop.

Basement window covers curtains are available in many styles, sizes and colors: from neutral to neon and in a myriad of prints and patterns. An added bonus is that if your basement is partly on the ground and therefore has small windows near the ceiling, hang long-lasting curtains can create the illusion of full-length windows. Also, in basements that are small or lack of natural light; hanging curtains that are white or bright colors instead of dark helps the basement look bigger.

Try basement window covers, curtains or blinds. Window shutters are strips of material attached with strings, tones are sheets of paper or cloth mounted on a roller and shutters are hinged covers with grid openings. Without cloth to collect dust, these options are ideal for homes with allergic people. And if the view from the basement window is not very attractive, these window coverings let in a lot of filtered light when they are closed.

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