4 Basic Modern Residential Landscape Design

Both to reach the plants and non-plant elements in the design can be reached by unit combining of texture, color, height and size of the natural mixing. Overarching theme, situation and the moody is dictate from colors was you choose. Warm colors in the garden, such as red, green and purple tend to blend with the background. Third, lines provide direction for flow or movement across the landscape. Round or curved lines give a somewhat graceful, smooth feel.

Lines can be made by non-plant design elements such as walkways. Rate is also an important element of good modern residential landscape design. This feature of the design is associated with the relationship of the elements of each other in terms of size, length, and height. This involves careful planning although with respect to the addition of elements of different sizes can be changed.

Modern residential landscape design – A Few direction to plan a residential landscape design through its basic principles: First, unit should be found in the residential landscape design, and is achieved by means of repetition and consistency of the materials used. Choose and make sure theme of residential landscape design, whether it’s a color scheme or deciding the overall theme inspired by the Victorian era, by way of example, produces unity by the elements.

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