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February 12, 2020 Garage Sheds

2 Car Garage Shed By Product Luoman

You should prevent moisture rises in the construction by laying a piece of tar paper between the base and foundation beams.

The garage for 2 car garage shed is simple to install if you have two people and knows how to read the installation instructions. Clear assembly instructions included. The garage is given with tagshingels as a coating onto the roof.

All materials garage 2 are provided by Small Villa is of very large quality with a focus on sustainability. Small Villa products are manufactured at the factories of Luoman Oy in Finland. All Small Villa products are also and the quality is consistent.

The garage includes a door and a white door to be mounted on either side. Garage 2 produced in strongly 44mm timber from Ostrobothnia in Finland. The timber is made from dried softwood that was untreated, technical.


A well designed, even and firm foundation for function of an outdoor structure and longer shelf life. There should not be saved at the quality here! A non heated, damp and cold structure to be built in a well-ventilated base, on a cast concrete slab, in this situation.

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